If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably read a few bad poker books in your day. Well, it’s time to get yourself a good one. And I’m confident in saying that about a book I’ve never read. Why? Because it’s written by, perhaps, the best player in the WPBT. It’s written by a guy who consistently beats the cash games he plays and still finds time to crush the tourney circuit when he wants to. The guy is smart and he’s good. He’s someone you can learn from, and now’s your chance.

Scott, aka DoubleAs, has written Pressure Poker. Get your copy by going to his blog and clicking on the link. I’m getting no kickbacks for this. I’m buying a copy for myself and you should, too.

And if Scott’s words aren’t enough, take a look at this spectacular list of contributors: hdouble, rtp online , Iggy, Grubby and our very own Otis.

Not So Lucky?

I’ll give live results for those not watching (in reverse order, scroll down for earlier races)…

In the end, the Pick 6 paid more than $300K and getting just 5 of 6 paid $1175. It’s the kind of pay day we were shooting for. Next time, we just gotta do better.

And we missed the final race. We knew it was going to be the toughest race to call and we really didn’t go as deep in this race as we’d like. Our top choice, Marquis Form made a nice run on the rail, but had too far to come and finished 2nd. Sixcess, the winner, was one of our backup horses.

Race #10 makes back-to-back winners. We really liked 1 Charming N Lovable, making her our second choice. We were really willing to go just two deep in this race because we were confident in the picks. If we hit this last, it’ll be bitter-sweet.

Finally a winner. In Race #9, our top pick, Siren Lure ran a perfect race. He went off as the co-favorite and looked the best closing from off the pace in this sprint. We’re now 1-4. BG put the over/under at 3.5 and we both figured we’d hit three races. That means hitting the last two. Won’t win us any money, but might help our pride.

After watching Race #8, I wonder if we’ll be able to find investors next month. Our pick, Attima, got out front for most of the race, but, as happens on turf races, he was caught by just about everyone. The third choice ended of running away from the pack and won by a mile. We’re 0-3. There aren’t many excuses.

Race #7 wasn’t much better. This time, a 10-1 shot beat the post time favorite. Our horses finished 2nd and 3rd. Getting 4 of 6 doesn’t pay, unfortunately. I can’t imagine anyone hitting this Pick 6 today. Even if you had the 33-1 in the first race, there’s not much chance you had the 10-1 in the second. Picking 6 winners isn’t easy. Hell, picking one is hard enough. I just wish we had gotten off to a good start.

Race #6 was a disaster. A 33-1 shot won. It’s a horse we never considered, and I have to figure it wasn’t a popular horse on most tickets. Our horses were near the front much of the race, but couldn’t quite finish. The only good news is that a 33-1 shot likely kills a large majority of Pick 6 tickets. Getting 5 of 6 could still play. We’ll see.