The safety of tanning salons remains doubtful as long as we know that even the smallest level of exposure to ultraviolet rays could prove harmful for the body system. The problem with the lamps and tanning gear used in tanning salons is the intensity of the rays that are directed at the user; the skin is actually storing much larger quantities of radiation than when simply staying out in the sun. A false impression many users have is that only UVA rays are used in tanning salons: well this is very untrue, as there are also small amounts of UVB that get produced and this small percentage adds up to plenty of skin cancer cases. If you are looking forward to med spa marketing agency

Studies indicate that even when tanning outdoors, we do get some skin defensive reaction by the secretion of melanin; moreover, natural light specter causes a thickening process at the skin level. Such “defenses” against radiation are missing from the body reaction to the UVA rays used in tanning salons. Scientists even say that the odds to get skin cancer are 5% higher for people who use tanning salons just once a month, and the risk increases with more frequent exposures. Here are some things you should check with tanning salons if you still decide to use their services.

Tanning salons that do not have step by step indications on how to use the devices and goggles to protect your eyes from the radiation are not reliable. Maybe they offer cheap services, but your health deserves better. In some tanning salons, a towel is used as the only eye protection from the action of the ultraviolets; well this is surely a bad point. Getting sunburns is no longer the nastiest side effect we should fear from ultraviolets exposure: there are more dramatic problems to be considered, and our lack of knowledge will surely not make them vanish in thin air. You have to shield not just skin, but the sight and overall body system as such.

Even though the risks of tanning salons have been widely talked about, their services are still preferred to outdoor sun tanning during the summer months. More than two million Americans choose to go tanning every day particularly during winter. On the other hand, studies indicate an alarming rate of melanoma, the most serious form of cancer that can pester the human body. Only in the United States, one million people get ill with some form of skin cancer, and the highest incidence has been reported in the areas with intenser ultraviolet exposure.

Is the Pill Stopping To Cure Your Yeast Infection?

The pill has really helped us in a number of different ways and for some of us, it gives us a freedom that we did not have before but does it cure your yeast infection?  Unfortunately, it is still a pharmaceutical method of controlling something that is natural within our bodies.  It may also be to blame for a lot of problems in our bodies, including yeast infections.  Here is a little bit about how birth control can affect your body and whether it is to blame for the yeast infections that you have been experiencing.  You might find this to be rather eye-opening.

Although the pill does make it convenient for us to live our lives as we like, it may actually be causing a problem because of reducing our immunity to a certain extent.  Did you know that antibiotics, when they are taken for an extended period of time typically leave an individual unable to cure your yeast infection?  The reason why that is the case is because antibiotics are rather non-discriminate whenever they are destroying bacteria in our body.  Along with the bad bacteria that is causing problems for us, they will destroy the good bacteria that fights off harmful invaders to our body, such as yeast.  The birth control pill does something similar.

Although the pill does not kill bacteria in our body, it may reduce it to a certain extent and lower our ability to fight off everything from colds to yeast spores.  That is why many people who start taking the pill immediately start getting yeast infections as a result.  Because the pill serves such a useful purpose for many of us, it is almost something that we tend to put up with, even though it would be nice not to have it at all.

If you must take the pill and you are suffering from yeast infections as a result, you should try to cure your yeast infection naturally instead of running out to the drug store and buying a cream.  Simply keeping your body in the best shape possible, eating the right foods and getting exercise on a daily basis is going to help you in this area.  You should also be eating yogurt every day as it helps to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in our bodies.  Apple cider vinegar will do the same thing and a clove of garlic on a daily basis helps as well.  All of these things add up to improving your overall health and helping you to avoid yeast infections.