For years players have been testing ways to beat the system at blackjack, especially in the good old days when the land casino ruled the Earth. The truth of the matter is that the ones who succeeded in finding a way to beat the system were usually smart enough to keep their cards close to their chest and the ones who were less than successful usually retired from the scene older and wiser and

decidedly worse off. There were even those who tried to beat the system through illegal means and often lived to regret the folly of their ways.

Since online casinos hit the scene, developing and testing a new blackjack system got a lot easier and, in a lot of ways, seems a lot more legitimate. In the days of the computer-driven software that power online casinos the odds are placed much more in favour of the player and it seems almost ungrateful for players to try and push the odds that little bit more in their favour. Unlike land casino management, online casinos even welcome the challenge, as long as it is honest and above board.

The very fact that most of the large and reputable online qiu qiu casinos allow players to wager for free says a lot about how they regard players who use their software to test new blackjack systems. They know that the player will take full advantage of their software, without earning a penny in the process, to iron out any bugs in their new system, and when it has been perfected they will use it against them.

Players who believe that they have perfected a means to win consistently at online blackjack are usually anxious to put their theories to the test in a real live gaming situation. The worst thing that they can do is to be too impatient and not carry out long term testing on their system, before they put their money down. Short-term winning streaks should never be confused as being a perfect winning system.

Online software presents “system builders” with an unsurpassed opportunity to record the results of their play. This can present a tremendous advantage if used properly, to help develop and test a new blackjack system. Online casinos will usually be found to cherish the challenge of competing against a new blackjack playing system, and will make every legitimate attempt to emerge as winners.