Despite a ratings downturn in televised slot gacor, NBC is putting together a new poker show called “Poker After Dark,” with a 6-max table of poker players competing for a single prize of $120,000.

The hour-long show will be hosted by former World Poker Tour host Shana Hiatt, who recently took action against her former employers for enacting on a non-compete clause that she didn’t sign. Hiatt reportedly left WPT because of harassment, and that hearing is set for Oct. 17.

Beginning Monday, each night takes place in the back room of a Vegas casino, focusing on one table as it progresses to a final winner on Friday.

Pros featured include Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Erick Lindgren, Jennifer Harman, and Gus Hansen.

The show begins Jan. 2, 2023 and will air weeknights at 2:05 a.m., with a recap, commentary, and strategy show after “Saturday Night Live.”

John Solomon and Kathleen Hennessey of The Associated Press are reporting that Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid received over $1 million selling land in Las Vegas, despite not having owned the property for three years.

The AP links Reid’s sale with Jay Brown, a casino lawyer who’s been investigated for organized crime and a bribery trial.

When the AP called Reid to question the deal, he hung up on them.

Harrah’s investors Henoch Kaiman and Joseph Weiss have filed a lawsuit against the company, stating the proposed $15.1 billion offer is an “apparent camouflaged management buyout” and “inadequate.”

On Oct. 2, Harrah’s revealed private equity firms Texas Pacific Group and Apollo Management made a bid to take over their company at $81 per share.

Since then, Harrah’s stock has increased some 15 percent (closing yesterday at $76.39).

Kaiman and Weiss filed their claim Oct. 5 in a Delaware Chancery Court. They allege the timing of the equity firms’ offer was made to take advantage of the low stock price and that a “fair process” for selling shares should be conducted instead, perhaps in an auction.

Harrah’s is the largest gaming company in the world, operating more than 40 casinos in the U.S., with seven in Las Vegas (including Barbary Coast, which was acquired last week).

If the buyout were to happen, it would be the fifth-largest ever and could affect Harrah’s upcoming Las Vegas Strip redevelopment plans.

Harrah’s has already pulled out of the running to operate the second casino in Singapore, a market that just a few months ago they were keen on obtaining.

Tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., gentlemen’s club/nightclub Seamless (across from The Orleans) hosts a happy hour “Networking Event.”

While networking, guests receive gift bags and complimentary food from My Buddy’s Deli. Guests may also register for a bachelor party giveaway that includes wedding chapel reservations and wedding rings.

Bring enough business cards to place in everyone’s gift bags… and that’s no double-entendre.