If you were born with thin lips or if your lips have atrophied with age, there is still a way of permanently enhancing your natural lips to achieve “the look” of fuller and sexier lips. The answer… PERMALIPS™ PERMANENT LIP AUGMENTATION.

This aesthetic procedure has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today. The result seen after lip augmentation is performed is almost immediate, and there is little or no downtime required for healing. It is virtually painless and can be performed under local anesthesia with light sedation. Until now there have only been temporary ways to augment lips. Resylane is the only injectable that can be used in the lips, however it disappears within 1-2 months. Fat lasts for even less time and often needs to be severly over corrected to regain the natural shape. Softforms and Gortex are materials which can be felt and frequently show when smiling. Alloderm from cadaver skin lasts a few months longer but also disappears.

NOW- Permanent Lips with your own tissues!

Before and after lip augmentation photos.Dr. Viera has developed and tested a new technique. The tissue is obtained from around the earlobe through an inciison which heals invisibly. It is inserted through the inside of the lip, again with no visible incision.There is normally almost no pain or burning. Swelling subsides fairly rapidly. Many of our patients opt to have permanent lip augmentation at the same time they are having other cosmetic procedures performed. It is ideal with facelifts since we obtain the tissues near the areas where the facelift incisions are performed.

Healing than occurs simutaneoulsy and fuller lips will enhance any facial cosmetic procedure.

Being the person’s own tissues, the lips feel and look very natural and the result is permanent. We have had no rejections of the tissue in any of our patients. They are excited at the fact that they will not need either recurrent injections as in Collagen and Fascia or repeat surgery as in Alloderm.

Patients who have had lip augmentation often have their friends notice that there is a change in their appearance. Comments are made as to how good they look. The beauty of this procedure is that it leaves no Visible scars. Patients receiving compliments simply smile thank their friends for the compliment, but keep their lips sealed. Through video imaging and a careful study of the person’s lips, we can come to a very close approximation of the degree of lip augmentation the person will achieve. The imaging provides us with a close measure of the amount of tissue to use. Again, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with light sedation. If you are looking forward to marketing agency, contact Medical spa marketing agency