We have reached the end of April, and what a month it’s been! We’ve seen first place change hands once, and seen tons of shifting in the top ten. So what did the end of April hold for everyone?

For anyone who would like to take a look at the days leading up to the end of April, or perhaps any other time, feel free to head over to http://poker-network.flopturnriver.com/PokerNetwork-Ongame-Network.php and click on any of the dates on the calendar to find out how these players made their way here in April!

Before we take a look at the end of April, let’s take a look at the leaderboard last week.

  1. Rex Cramer: 16010
  2. finnrene: 15370
  3. ToMontana8: 12937
  4. billybilliard: 12828
  5. Don Cool: 11067
  6. mandolinchen: 10262
  7. domiN06: 10226
  8. -ronnie1: 10167
  9. Kubisch81: 9204
  10. massi83: 8724

Rex Cramer has done a great job this month holding off the competition after taking first place just a few weeks back. bitcoin roulette Could he hold finnrene off? For those that don’t know or remember, finnrene was atop the leaderboard at the end of March, holding first place. Could he have a big week and do it back to back?

  1. finnrene: 18449.
  2. -Rex Cramer-: 18399.
  3. ToMontana8: 14779.
  4. billybillard: 14592.
  5. mandolinchen: 12958.
  6. Don Cool: 12133.
  7. domiN06: 12004.
  8. iilimato12: 11407
  9. -ronnie1: 10754
  10. Wieringen: 9630

Well as you can see, finnrene made an amazing push, and worked his way through the competition to once again assume the pole position on the Ongame Leaderboard! Truly an amazing feat by finnrene, making it two months in a row. Rex Cramer made an amazing showing himself, but fell just 50 points short of finnrene in the end. ToMontana8 once again held onto third this week, after originally starting the month in first place. Billybilliard stayed strong this week, holding onto fourth place yet again. Mandolinchen jumped up a spot to 5th, sealing an incredible month for himself as well, as he wasn’t even in the top ten two weeks ago. Don Cool dropped a spot, as domiN06 held onto his spot this week. Iilimato12 is one of our two new entries to the top ten, ending his month in 8th place, with 11407 chips. –Ronnie1 dropped a spot, and Wieringen was our second new entry to the top ten this week, rounding out our list in tenth place with 9630 chips. Congratulations once again to finnrene, as he has had a simply amazing two month stretch, dominating Ongame!

If you’d like to take an in depth look at the top 100 players for the month of April, head over to http://www.flopturnriver.com/Ongame-PokerRoom-Players-20080430.php.

Well, folks, that is it for April, come back next week as we take a look at the movers and shakers for May!