Your Peers’ Business Forecasts and Agendas for 2012

Every quarter we publish a Business Barometer report on financial services executives’ expectations on revenue growth and cost pressures. In the first quarter of 2012, executive sentiment regarding revenues in the coming year improved compared to the last quarter, while expectations regarding cost pressures in the next 12 months remained similar. In addition, we had […]

Why Setting Higher Standards Isn’t Always Right

Members often ask me what the five most important metrics are to track in our industry. Usually members expect a very clear cut answer like: “unit cost, average handle time, time to first decision, abandon rates and NPS.” Unfortunately the answer is not that straightforward as these five measures are often used to stand for […]

Benchmark Your Service Operations Structure

Over the past six months, we’ve had conversations with several members around how their organizational structures have changed in the last few years. Given everything that has happened in the financial services industry, it’s not surprising that most executives report restructuring their Operations to at least some degree. Whether restructuring has come on the heels […]