Over the past six months, we’ve had conversations with several members around how their organizational structures have changed in the last few years. Given everything that has happened in the financial services industry, it’s not surprising that most executives report restructuring their Operations to at least some degree. Whether restructuring has come on the heels of a merger or acquisition, as the result of new senior leadership, or to respond to changing regulatory requirements and customer expectations, most firms are seeing an opportunity to make changes in the current environment.

At the Council, we spent some time trying to understand how we could best help executives find the best organizational structure–one that allows for the most efficient and accurate service delivery. What we quickly realized is it is impossible to define “best in class” when it comes to organizational structures, because every firm’s goals, constraints, and needs are so different.

So instead, we have been working to collect organizational structures from across the membership, and organize those structures by guiding principles and other key attributes. You can see the results of our efforts to-date in our Service Operations Organizational Structures Showcase.

To make this showcase even more robust, however, we need your help! We would love to hear about your firm’s organizational structure, and how you have been rethinking structure design in the current environment. If you can share your organizational structure with us, we can also help you to understand how it compares to others we’ve seen, and how you can better leverage the experiences of your industry peers.