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LP2 coming this Fall on Hopeless Records.

freakintrenton asked:
Change gender every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin

wait…there’s a difference between a baby and a muffin?

consider-this-global-abortion asked:
Would you rather own a flying dolphin or a fire breathing Paula Dean???

own a flying dolphin. Paula dean breathes racism.

theancientwest asked:
Never make music again or be forced to feature nicki minaj on every track?

only if she does the hook from “stupid hoe” or if she does the monster noises from “dungeon dragon”. only.

heavensequinox asked:
Who wins in a fight!? Green lantern or The Flash!?

bro. flash is a pussy and would run away fast.

folk-yeah asked:
whats your favorite flavor of four loko

fruit punch bc I just had the peach and puked in my mouth

bummmmmmer asked:
hey!! when u guys come to toronto is your whole band gonna be coming?

Everyone but Andrew (our guitarist) is coming. But here’s something cool…the dudes from Pentimento and Gates will be filling in on each song on guitar and vocals.

artificialharmonic asked:
Ah that's a shame, Was really looking forward to seeing you guys live for the first time at the Ottawa date. Hopefully I'll catch you guys some other time in the future.

We’re sorry and super pissed we’re missing Montreal and Ottawa. But yes we’re coming back soon.

well-diversified asked:
I'm really struggling trying to find a ride tonight so if I don't make it play super hard in my memory