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LP2 coming this Fall on Hopeless Records.

Some of our gear but not all was found trying to be sold at a GC in Rochester. Thanks Guitar Center. Still missing 2 guitars, @SJCdrums 12” tom, P900 Iron Cobra pedal, clothes, passports.

Last night we arrived in Buffalo, NY to sleep at a friends house before our show in Toronto tonight. We got here around 1:30AM and woke up around 10:30AM and found our van door locks punched out and the trailer lock cut. They took 3 pedal boards with over $2000 in pedals in them, a Fender Starcaster, a Fender P-Bass, a Fender Deluxe Tele, a custom Moniker bass, a chinese Gibson Les Paul, an SJC 12” Rack Tom, and a P900 Iron Cobra pedal. They also took Andrew’s customer built Telecaster and my (Swindle’s) first guitar ever, an acoustic that’s been with us on every tour. This is a huge loss for us and with everything great thing that’s happening for us this puts us a huge standstill. We’re accepting donations through our PayPal for anyone who wants to help out. We don’t want to ask for donations but this is everything we’ve worked hard for and everything that makes this band possible gone. Thank you guys.

Our PayPal is

-Have Mercy

folk-yeah asked:
one time i went to canada and got heat stroke so it's not my favorite place

this one time we went to Canada and got kicked out.

lettloveegoo asked:
Why can't Andrew go to canada?!

he’s too badass

freakintrenton asked:
Change gender every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin

wait…there’s a difference between a baby and a muffin?

consider-this-global-abortion asked:
Would you rather own a flying dolphin or a fire breathing Paula Dean???

own a flying dolphin. Paula dean breathes racism.